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Thread: E37 E85 Tune

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    E37 E85 Tune

    I cant find any real information on this but it seems like the E37 is capable of flex fuel without the sensor. I have an 07 2.2L HHR that I would like to make flex fuel if its possible to do without adding the sensor. She gets decent mpg now but I know from experience that a proper pump gas E85 tune is a lot easier on the wallet. I see where the 09's got flex fuel and they do not use a sensor and I believe they are both E37's so I assume its just a matter of if the drivers were installed in the 07 PCM.

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    iirc you can wire one into the correct ecu pin, enable the flex fuel toggle in the ecu and then make sure the flex fuel codes P0178/P0179 are activated and it should start working. dont quote me 100% because its been a while since i dabbled in the conversion.
    just remember to start looking at your pe enrichment table in terms or lambda ratio once its enabled.

    lambda (1.0)/ enrichment value( = lambda target
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