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Thread: Can we please, oh for the love of dog, get some more keyboard shortcuts? lol

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    Can we please, oh for the love of dog, get some more keyboard shortcuts? lol

    For reals. Keyboard shortcuts and such things like being able to ctrl+click to select individual cells, some sort of alternate combo for zooming on the VVE 3D graph (A lot of laptops or those using virtualbox or bootcamp don't have the luxury of being able to click both mouse buttons, as they are multitouch sensitive.).

    Is this in the works, or is it undocumented? The docs could absolutely use a MAJOR update, too. You guys rake in money hand over fist. Use the other fist for typing docs hahaha. I am joking around, but seriously asking about the shortcuts and docs. That would be a great help (some of the docs are older than version 3). Thanks

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    Yeah, a lot of that is way behind. Like years...
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    Multi-cell selection has been on our wish list for a while.

    There are technical reasons that makes it's implementation a bit tricky, so for now, it's lower on the priority list.
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    hot keys would be great. replace, add, multiply, smooth, interpolate, and switching between views with hot keys would make the process so much smoother
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