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Thread: HPtuners + Diesel tuners

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    HPtuners + Diesel tuners

    Hi all,

    Everywhere I go online seems to recommend EFIlive - but the threads are years old and never say WHY. What features/adjustments/tables is it missing? I don't think my van ECU can do DSP5 regardless.
    HPtuners seems to have come a long way in the last few years making headway on the latest models. EFIlive isn't worth the cost to me and seems restricted to GM... but if HPtuners can do what I need, it's a very attractive option.
    I could also play around with Subarus I have (does HPT offer live tuning?)

    And diesel tuners - I've been tuning gas for years, wondering if there's anyone interested in helping me with a conservative power tune. I don't expect a "free ride."
    I currently have a 2006 savana van with plans to have the trans built. (LLY/LBZ detuned from factory @ 250hp & 480 ft-lbs due to weak trans. pickups of same year have 360/650)
    I've been lurking as a non-member for a while, I seem to resonate much better with the views and openness in this community.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am willing to pay for a tune for power and maintain decent gas mileage.
    Hopefully an experienced tuner chimes in on this thread.

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    If you do a little digging you will find info on the LB7, LLY, and LBZ. Can't do the DSP5 stuff as far as I know with HPT though.

    Search for keywords like McRat and Roger Ramjet (usernames of guys who did a lot of duramax stuff back in the day), 10-10, 10-20, 20-20 tunes, etc
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