v6, 5 speed, 2wd.

Hey guys I'm in the process of tweaking my tune here and there to make this truck a better daily driver. I'm not some much interested in power as I am running smoother, cleaner acceleration, better mpg, and other little things along the way to optimize the tune.

Anyways I have a hanging idle from 1,000-1,250rpm while coasting in neutral until I come to a complete stop. Sometimes at a slow speed while in gear the truck feels like its pushing me along despite not being on the throttle. Usually noticeable around 15-30mph.

Would the Idle - Airflow - Throttle follower tab be a good place to start? What about my DFCO settings for help?

I'm gonna try and do some scans later to see what's happening

Sierra 4.3 tune #1.hpt