Hello everyone. I plan swapping LFX engine into another vehicle but don't want to start because some things confuse me... Some people say that to run this engine properly you need E39 ECU from 2012 Camaro and if you intend to run it with manual transmission then you must get ECU exactly from manual transmission model. But as I can see in VCMEditor you can select Automatic or Manual so it's really confusing why this feature exists while people say it's impossible?
You see I'm from Europe and here I can't get exactly 2012 Camaro 3.6 Manual tranmission E39 ECU Serv#12643248. It's just impossible. Can I use E92 ECU with 12651994 12643248 numbers on it from another LFX vehicle? I tried to contact HPTuners directly but they say it's custom application and they cannot guarantee. Well I understand that but question is still unanswered.
Please share your knowledge... Thank you!