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    56chevy newbee

    I have a 6.2 liter out of an 2009 Yukon Denali installed in a 56 chevy with a Speartech programmed ECM. I sent off the ECM and harness and asked they remove the 6l80e wires since I got a deal on a 4l70E trans controlled by a Compushift II. My question is I just purchased the MVPI2, but most of the videos I see don't match up and in some cases don't have the same explicit parametrics. I also have 3.0 rear end gears and have been trying to optimize the operation. I would appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on any mods to improve the efficiency. I have new vo2 sensors narrow band. But would like to be able to learn how to improve the operation before I begin adding power.
    I watched the chopperdoc videos, but quite a few parametrics aren't explicitly shown in my beta version.

    Thanks for any and all assistance and please excuse any and all errors, omissions,etc.

    BTW: it has VVT, but no AFM.
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