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Thread: 2008 hemi aircharge?

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    2008 hemi aircharge?

    I am having an issue tuning my 2008 gen 3 hemi . I bought the dodge beginners book for $520 from the tuning school and there is probably 50% of the tables that need to be changed are in aircharge and I don't seem to have that at all on this year of vehicle. Is that correct and if so what do I supplement for aircharge on an older vehicle?

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    Let me know if you'd like a remote tune boss. Demigod tuning on facebook

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    If you are talking about the PE table, you have PRatio instead of Aircharge which can still be modified/rescaled for FI applications if that is what you are trying to do.

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    I am tuning a 2009 SRT8 and I purchased the course also but on our cars VE is the most time consuming to get dialed in you only need to touch the PRatio when your going forced air, But the VE and the PE is the must important in the Airflow tab