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Thread: 2014 Raptor Select Shift wont work

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    2014 Raptor Select Shift wont work

    Hi friend after download the tune the select shift wont work even if i put the base readed map on it

    no matter what i do the truck wont donwshift or upshift select shift via

    does any one have this issue before ?

    here attched the file


    Cesar H

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    I would try putting the Speedo settings back to stock and instead use the Scanner to set tire size, etc..
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    This happens when VID is disabled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatwhite5.0 View Post
    This happens when VID is disabled.
    Does this happen even if your gear ratio, VSS Tire revs, and N/V base are set correctly? I think most cars/trucks just have generic data in all three of those tables which is why the shifting issue occurs when people set Use VID to disable.