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Thread: 1.4 thermostat

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    1.4 thermostat

    I am going to eliminate the electric thermostat in my 1.4 and move the location for a real 195 thermostat to the rear hose. The flow would send the water to the rear of the therm. as it should be. The question I have is would it have an adverse effect without that electric connection that was at the therm. to any part of the system?
    The water temp. would be much more stable and it would probably keep it from so much of the overheat from the center of the engine to each end. I checked the temps with a infrared thermometer, with the water at 193* it showed a variance of 36* from the center to either end.
    The flow has to be better thru the engine without that stock setup.
    I did some checking and found 2 engines with blown head gaskets and the center of the heads were warped.
    Would'nd it work better the way I described?
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    It seems so far that the no one that has a temp control problem with the 1.4 is even slightly interested in what could be a cure for that problem. I have read about more than 20 that have a 1.4 overheat issue, and most of you don't seem to care. That bs electric thermostat should never have been put into the engine, let alone moving the water the opposite direction of every 4cyl. I could find. That includes all the manufacturer's I could find.

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    I am the engine guy at a chevy dealer and we do see quite a few 1.4's with overheat issues. i would say that just about every one has or has had a coolant leak and been improperly filled . Im not saying your idea wont work but the root cause of overheating might be something else.

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    This something I just found.
    Check out, ecotec electric water pump setup.
    I want to do this but right now is not a good time for me the Davis electric pump and controller is $200.00. That does not include the work and extra cost of pulling the water pump to modify. The main reason for this forum is power is it not? If the stock water pump is removed there is some to be had but I have no idea how much.
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    I agree with you I'm I right that the way the water flows and the continual water flow thru the engine when the thermostat is closed would it not prevent that air from escaping from the engine until the thermostat opens. I looked but didn't see a way it would without it being open.