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Thread: how to tune cold driving

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    how to tune cold driving

    Hey guys,

    I am having an issue with cold driving. On a cold start and immediate driving, the truck dies and the rpm's fluctuate 500 rpm up or down, rolling/ coasting. It is a stick shift. I feel confident in my VE is good. BRAF nailed down warm but cold maybe a little high because when I do the RussK, I still have start up air flow in my scan on the 68F cell. Where should I look next?

    LS1 in C10 pick up
    MSD atomic Air force
    Stock LS2 Injectors
    holley 102 DBC
    4Inch CAI
    LS7 MAF/ IAT
    PRC 59cc Heads
    BTR Stage 4 car cam
    Patriot double Valve Springs
    Manley Valves
    LS7 head gasket
    comp pushrods
    ls7 lifters
    long tubes
    3 inch exhaust
    4.10 Gears
    Approx 10.5:1 compression
    93 octane
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    its likely either your idle airflow settings, or open loop fueling is too rich/lean

    however its hard to give any proper advise when you havent even provided a proper log, or your tune. If you want good help, atleast give us something to work with
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    what year LS1 and do the fluctuations change at all as the engine warms up? I forget exactly at what temp the LS1 kicks in to use the idle fuel trims, but does it do it the whole time or does it settle in eventually, also with that much of a fluctuation what do you have your idle RPMs in gear and in park set to?

    troubleshoot it in two stages

    1. just idling no driving

    2. once #1 is stable then go driving it and tune that part (the higher RPMs can mask a vacuum leak and have you chasing your tail)
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