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Thread: 2011 2500 HD E78 electric fans - patch or segment swap?

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    2011 2500 HD E78 electric fans - patch or segment swap?

    Didn't see that other people were having issues with this before buying the conversion kit. Truck will not run the fans. An earlier tune, they could be turned on with the scanner controls, but would not come on. I copied all the data over from an E78 Cruze, and they still will not function and even the scanner will not turn them on.

    I'm assuming no one has had luck? I'm thinking it will take a patch or a segment swap to fix? But there's no suitable segment swap donors I can find...
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    Hmmm I'm having the same issue! went from a 2008 truck (e38 pcm) to a 2012 corvette pcm (e38) :so tap shift could be used:. the problem is I plug in the old pcm, test the fans via scanner function and they work I plug in the new pcm and no go with the fans. like you I copied everything from one file to the other and still no go! did you find a fix for this? any info would be much appreciated.
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    Look through those, I don't know if there's a solution in there.

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    The Vette E38 had functional e-fans from the factory but they were run a little differently. Did you check everything? Fan output controls?

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    I was never able to get my fans running E78 ecm.. the scanner would ifact turn them on however it would not turn on with tune..