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Thread: A&A Supercharger kit on an LS1 Corvette

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    A&A Supercharger kit on an LS1 Corvette

    Anyone tune one of these lately. How much timing were you able to put in it? Just curious


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    It would vary greatly depending on pulley setup, exhaust arrangement, whether or not the engine had internal mods, fuel (actual octane) value, IAT rise; etc. Even then, how do you describe something that happens across multiple maps or modifiers in a sentence like "how much"? Tune it like all of the rest of them.... start low and keep bumping spark on the dyno until the gains slow down. Knock will be close to that point; watch for it in exh composition.
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    It was a hypothetical question. Based off an otherwise stock C5 with the standard kit and pulley. I wasn't trying to steal anyones tune but I was just looking for an idea of where it should be.

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    Frost brings up valid points..
    Alot of info is needed really.
    How much boost are you seeing? and what fuel?

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    3.8 pulley which is the base pulley on stock LS1 running 93

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    how much boost does it make, what altitude are you at, is it a standard or an auto, how is it driven, are you osan a dyno, at the track, any way to track "real" gains. its gonna difficult to just guess at timing. if its around 10 to 12 lbs at sea level, start around 14degrees timing, if its around 5-6 lbs, start at around 20 degrees and add timing in using accurate data and see where it wants to be. some superchargers are more efficient than others, the more efficient, the more timing it will accept, due to iat creep
    just way to much info is needed to get a realistic answer
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    I tuned a 2000 Corvette with the AA Paxton supercharger many years ago. Bone stock car with headers and exhaust. At 14psi, 15 degrees was the sweet spot (sea level, 11.5 AFR). Motor lived for many years at that level but I would not recommend any more timing on stock pistons.