There is some background that i should make you aware of with this issue. i am using this software to perform an engine swap of a 2004 Oldsmobile alero 3400 V6 into a Pontiac sunfire for a lemons race car. I chose a 2002 Buick Rendouves VCM because it had a higher HP base tune. After installing the engine and the wiring harness i built. I deleted the EGR system, EVAP system and the car has a 5 speed manual transmssion. i went through the attached file and put all trans and EGR, Evap codes to DO NOT REPORT. i also changed the VATS codes to DO NOT report and switched the VATS from Serial to PWM. I then downloaded the attached file into the VCM. The vehicle has not started on its own yet. it has 60 psi of fuel pressure on the rail, it has the MAF, MAP. reading on the Scanner. the ICM (ignition Control Module) is providing spark and the engine will start when starting fluid is spayed into the intake. i have double and tripled checked all of the wiring as per VCM pinouts and connector information. I have utilized a scope and verified that the VCM is receiving CMP, 24CKP, Map, MAF, ECT, TPS, IAC, and O2 data. BUT the reason the Engine will not start is that it does not have Injector pulsing. Also when this happens the VCM scanner does not register any RPM. There are times that the VCM scanner does see rpm when this happens the injectors pulse a few times and the engine will fire. Then everything blinks offline again and the RPM no longer registers and the injector pulsing goes away. Also i am aware that the VCM receives the crank reference via the ICM this remains online and intact during the event. as stated the engine maintains spark. My question is with the attached calibration is there anything that is causing the loss of RPM in the software of the engine. Did i turn something off that is required for the injectors to operate properly? i am not ruling out a Hardware issue either just wondered if you could check my calibration for anything obvious. test.hpt