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Thread: 17 Camaro LT1 running very rich

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    17 Camaro LT1 running very rich

    I did a Cam swap, valve springs, pushrods, AFM delete, long tube headers, MSD atomic air intake, E85 kit, 3600 circle D stall. Had the vehicle light tuned and drove it about 150 miles and noticed a raw fuel smell coming from the exhaust Past few days driving and when tuner tuned it, stayed between +10 & -10. Today CEL popped on with P0068 & P0101. Checked fuel trim and found Bank 1 and Bank 2 short term fuel trim is at +31% at idle. no vacuum leaks found, LTFT is turned off. Found O2 sensors for bank 1 (bank 2 is shut off) is at 20-40mV.

    Any thoughts of what could be causing this issue? and yes im running stock O2 not a wideband O2 sensors

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    +31% would mean its running lean, not rich. And I hope you mean that sensor 2 for each bank is turned off, not bank 2 as a whole is turned off. Post a file

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    you would need to post the tune, could be that you have e85 in your tank and ethanol is not setup properly
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    Sounds like you need it retuned. PM me if you're interested in having that done remotely or in the chicagoland area.
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