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Thread: 6.4 Cam Specs, Stage 3 NA

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    6.4 Cam Specs, Stage 3 NA

    Good afternoon, I've read a lot and I think I understand this table... I recently bought a 2014 Jeep SRT with bolt ons straight from copart, the engine was damaged so I put a new one on it (4500 Miles non mds 392) with the bolt ons and the cam it had the previous engine... the cam have written 256157-18 NSR STAGE 3 NA on the back... I tried to google it and It appears that different companies have the same NSR STAGE 3 cam, and I had no luck with the part number...

    So I basically have three options, either is a MMX comp custom cam, a straight COMP cam or a Texas Speed cam

    So we're between HEMI VVT cam grind (wich I have no Idea about the LSA)

    PN - NSR Stage3
    INT @50-220
    lift .597/1.65rr
    EXH @50-232
    lift .553/1.65rr

    COMP Cams LSA 117.5 and Texas Speed 117 apparently...

    The SRT had a tune, but it was a weak one, CEL was turning on because the VVT was not tuned, looks almost everything stock but the idle and the guy who did it put a little bit timing everywere, so I took a stock calibration and started from there...

    Datalogs are telling me that the max advance on the VVT is 134.4 and the max retard with the comp cams limiter is 116.4, so right now I'm working with that and the CEL didn't came back...

    Right now the tune has this
    Exhaust Max Phase 116.4
    Exhaust Lock Pin 134.4
    Exhaust Max 134.4
    Exhaust Min 116.4

    So if I understand, the Lock Pin should be 3 degrees more advanced if the LSA is 117.5, rather than 114.5 that the PCM think it is with OEM Cams? so I have to put it on 137.4? or should I leave it on 134.4?

    without the true cam specs I'm tuning this blind...

    Any advice would be appreciated, I'll be tuning the fuel to make it idle leaner than it's right now, the suv smells overly rich at idle and everyone close enough will be smelling like a Diesel Mechanic for the whole day...
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    Looks like a MMX grind to me. Contact them

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    thanks, let me try with them...

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    It's not a tsp cam.

    Just turn the neural network and vct off and start on your speed density.