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Thread: 2010 6L80 and 2012 E38.

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    2010 6L80 and 2012 E38.

    Hoping someone can give me the magic solution to my problem. 78 C10 swap. 2007 6.2 and 2010 6L80. Did the 2007 E38 at first, deleted the VATS and that type of thing. Trans doesn't work. Get doing some reading and discovered that the older E38's don't play well with the newer TCM's. Fast forward to today. Got a 2012 E38, did the required VATS removal, yada, yada, yada. Still no trans gears, NONE. The dakota gauges can see the shift indicator, no communication codes, no trans codes, I get input rpm, turbine rpm, slip rpm, and if i spin the rear wheels by hand I get output rpm. I have done a ton of searching and reading, can't find any concrete answer to my issue. The OS in the trans is 24254909, trans ID 24256352, Diag ID 24256044, System ID 24255720. If any more info is needed, please let me know. Ive been at this for hours..... One last thing. Did i Brick the TCM when I deleted the VATS in the 2007 E38 when I did the write entire, it did both. Praying to god not....

    Thanks for the help!!!!!

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    The TCM needs to match the PCM operating system so that they work together.

    The 2012 computer isn't just going to jive with the 2010 TCM.

    So if this was me I would have flashed the 2012 computer with a 6.2 OS from 2010 or 2012 with a GM tool first. This way it puts a calibration into the computer that will mate both computers together. Then read it with HP Tuners and license that file.
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