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Thread: Spark Air Mass Scaling E80

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    Spark Air Mass Scaling E80

    2016 Cadillac ATS 2.0L

    I have ran into an issue with my Spark airmass, the stock axis is from 0.08-1.36. Can I add additional rows for above 1.36 or would I need to scale the tables in the mid-high range? I am seeing a airmass as high as 1.52, mostly in the middle of pulls. I am also seeing the highest average KR on my pulls showing up in that region and would like to adjust the spark to avoid that KR(avg of 2.5 @ 1.52g,2800 RPM

    If I scale the spark table, I also assume I need to do so for some of the other spark tables and also remap part of the fueling to compensate for the changes...Are my assumptions correct?


    Scaled the axis of the spark airmass
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    Hello, how did this work out for you? Did you need to adjust all of the spark tables to match?