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Thread: Tuner turned off certain DTCS, have questions

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    Tuner turned off certain DTCS, have questions

    So my tuner did a very... 'meh' job tuning my H/C/I camaro, and I'm in the process of redoing/fixing it. I was going through what DTC's are turned on/off and I noticed that he had P0106 (MAP Sensor Range/Performance) and P1133 and P1153 (Bank 1/2 Sensor 1 Insufficient Switching) set to No Error Reported. Is this a pretty standard practice when dealing with a modded N/A motor? Or does this sound like my tuner was trying to cover up shoddy work?

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    I don't often see the MAP code disabled but the o2 sensors codes are pretty common with headers/cam. The sensors still work fine.
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    the 02 insufficient switching i usually turn off, as when sensors start to age, they tend to be really slow to respond, especially when cold. Oxygen sensors are a maintenance item, and should be replaced regularly, usually when doing plugs. However, lets be honest. nobody does, I usually see 20+ year old cars here for a "tune" with factory sensors. Explaining to customers that your o2"s are failing, is never good enough. it is always the tunes fault. Therefore most tuners who have been doing this turn off codes that get the most repeat call backs.
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    P1133 and P1153 are common to turn off due to slow O2 sensor oscillation being further down the exhaust stream with headers. The P0106 I don't turn off but I change the table to match the lower vacuum created by a cam. That table is found Engine Diag tab under Airflow.