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Thread: Stream live data to pit crew? lap times? OBD2?

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    Stream live data to pit crew? lap times? OBD2?

    Can I use track addict (either IOS or Android) to live stream lap times and some OBD2 data (mph, rpm, coolant temp) so we can monitor it live from the pit?

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    Yes, you'll just need to enable it in TrackAddict's Options menu (under "Output" -> "Online"), as we wont stream your location without you first opting-in. That screen will create a new numbered account for you, which viewers can access via while you are recording a session. It includes position, lap times, and selected OBD channels. If you select Public mode, then you'll appear to all in the online users list. If you select Private mode, then your viewers will need you to provide them with the Private ID shown on that screen.

    If on iOS, you will need the Pro version to enable this feature.