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Thread: MPVI1 will not connect with scanner or editor

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    MPVI1 will not connect with scanner or editor

    I have an MPVI1 that will not connect with the scanner or editor. I am getting the "Validate cable licenses failed Error F0." I have tried new cables and Versions 2.24, 4.4. and 4.4 Beta with no luck. I have also tried another PC. Any suggestions? I have seen this error before with my old MPVI1 and would get it occasionally. I never found a true explanation for it. I primarily use my MPVI2 but picked the MPVI1 to scan a vehicle that evidently can't be scanned with the MPVI2. I am having trouble getting any detailed response through HPTuners and they have been AWOL for 3 days. Any info would be appreciated.


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    likely a hardware issue with the MPVI1 in question and your only option would be to upgrade it to an MPVI2 or combine the licenses onto your current MPVI2.
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