Ok, so I have this 18 chevy colorado. The idea is to fabricate a new radiator to eliminate a real low hanging radiator support brace. This will allow a much better angle for the front bumper.

A thicker core, but not as "tall" radiator will be going in, and the factory fan and shroud will no longer fit correctly. So we are going to fabricate a new shroud and ideally run two fans for better coverage than a single fan since the new squater shape.

Im now learning about this PCM stuff.

Am I able to run a the factory wiring to the new fans and from what I can tell, reverse the load requirements. Ive been reading that the OEM's have their fans built opposite of the aftermarkets. So in the tune, if I put 90% in start up, it would be the same as 15%. And if I put in 15% it will give me the max at the fans.

Is there anything else needed like a special pwm controller? or harness split etc since I would like to go to dual fans and it will be drawing more electricity than a single fan?

Computers and I dont get along, so please, if your writing a response, imagine you are trying to inform a 5 year old lol...