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Thread: New Build, New Tuner, Wont Idle

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    New Build, New Tuner, Wont Idle

    So I got a 73 Camaro with a "built 5.3", supposed to be turbo but not tuners/fab shops in norcal wanna pick up their phones or answer emails so here I am doing this myself without the turbo cause i miss driving my car

    99 5.3 LM7
    55lb FiTech injectors
    FiTech Intake
    102mm throttle body
    LS3 MAF
    BTR Stage 2 turbo cam-- 226/231 .605"/.598" 113+4
    BTR .660 lift springs
    450 lph walbro fuel pump
    LS7 Lifters
    No Afr Guage
    Stock pushrods

    So Im having an issue with the car not even holding an idle. Sometimes itll take a minute to crank before it starts, but itll start after i start scanning and then crank.
    It'll run for about 3-4 secs max and then just die. Im listening to it while it cranks and my guess is that its igniting at the wrong time. Im also adjusting the screw on the throttle body to allow it to open a little, but I dont know if thats helping much. I know VATS is removed so I dont think thats the issue. Other than that I don't really know what direction to go in tuning wise.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, can't wait to get this thing on the road and hearing the cam is just too much of a tease.


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    If you have a ton of mods you need a wideband

    If it had a stock tb stock intake stock manifolds stock cam etc.... you could use most of a stock file and wouldnt need the wideband so desperately

    connect wideband a/f to the hptuners scanner so you can post logs with wideband data. It only takes a minute.

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    there are tons and tons of write ups about adding proper injector data, getting a base file working, and how to get idle working enough to get the tuning process started. do some searches, there is a wealth of knowledge, here, and its all free, if you spend a little time searching. turning the throttle screw is likely giving you the opposite effect then what you desire. once you turn it past about .65v it kicks it out of idle, and thinks your holding it open with your foot, at which point you loose the ecms "idle control"

    your biggest issue is injector data, and calibrating the airflow models, because your likely crazy rich right now
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    try this file plz and we need datalog also