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Thread: 46re tune basic

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    46re tune basic

    hi all just read a great writeup on the 65rfe which very little applies to the 46re. or 45re.i have played with trans pressure with some positive results.but feel i should be able to get it firmer.there are other parameters on here that even through experimenting didnt produce anything or hptuner has not turned on yet.that being said what improvements have you guys made and more importantly what did you change? i am sure this will be helpful to a lot of the comp. control transmission
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    which is my latest toy to tune

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    65rfe is completely different animal to the 46re. It?s comparing apples to oranges. If you read about the 46/48re, it?s operation and control, pretty sure I?ve shared a link somewhere on this forum for the 46/48re, you will find plenty that is truly relevant to the 46re and more helpful than reading about a transmission that is completely different like the 65rfe.