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Thread: 4r70w shift lag

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    4r70w shift lag

    Hey guys im new to tuning on these auto trans. I have a 2004 with a magnuson blower and I'm having extreme shift lag on the transmission. It hits 5500 which is what I'm commanding to shift but they tb dies for almost a second before it shifts and opens it up again. I would appreciate any pointers. Truck has comp cams for pd blower, obx headers and a custom 4 inch intake tube. afrs were right at 11.8-11.2 at wot on 91
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    You still have torque management pulling 50% of your power on the shifts, you can also bump line pressure which will help speed up the shift some and hold more torque.

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    yes I increased the tm to 80% and still shifts the same. I will bump it to to 100 and try bumping up the pressures when I get it back. thank you. its just a trip to see the tables with negative numbers in the pressure tables. what's considered a safe pressure limit on these transmissions?
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    so after I did all the above turns out the transmission was about a quart low? we will test tomorrow. I appreciate the input
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