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Thread: temporary cam tune

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    temporary cam tune

    Well due to a sudden reduction in staff and "hints" of closing ... I jumped and decided to forgo all other steps including supercharger install and just swap in the cam . Basically only stuff i couldn't do at home.
    Car is G8 6.0.
    motor is now out, installing btr pds stage 2 (227/242 .614"/.592" 122+6) tomorrow.+ valve-springs and trunion (if time allows ) will assemble all back with all stock intake maf etc. I can install the lsa supercharger and all the other stuff later at home.
    Just heard tonight that gov wants all shops to shut down so....rush mode on-
    I need to get car out of shop- or risk it stuck there over a month ....will likely done with the cam and motor reinstall tomorrow or latest sunday midday.

    This pds cam will have to fire up NA. Can I just flash base tune with base idle rpm at 900-1000 and get it home - 5 miles at around 50 mph.... and will it be safe. I need it to get out of there and don't know enough about tunning ve or have the time to play/learn. just need it to run and not stall. I will be running headers/no cats also, but all o2 sensors there for now..... so the check engine light will be on- ok with that. like i said i just need to be able to move it.I can further any comments/suggestions?

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    it will prob fire up ok as those cams still have -10 overlap so maby some more idle rpm just encase and let it warm up so trims are active and should be ok for a easy drive home, if it needs anything drastic u will notice it when warming up so just make some changes before u drive if u have to