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Thread: wideband location

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    wideband location

    Installing long tube headers (which will delete cats) .
    The pre cat o2 sensors are to fit in the bungs on the header collectors (with harness extension) I assume.

    Since no cats then the post o2s will be useless (as they are there to monitor catalytic efficiency?). The post o2 bungs end up about 6 inches past the collectors- Is it ok to put the wideband in place of one of these sensors and eliminate them in tune? Easier than welding new bung, adding defoulers (which always seem to be hit/miss). Is that The prefered way? is there a prefered bank? -or whichever is best for harness routing.

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    Yes, that is fine. Tons of people install the wideband in the rear o2 sensor port on headers. If you have no leaks at the first connection point, you won't have any issues with the readings.

    Drivers side is easier about 90% of the time, less distance to cover for wiring. Turn off the rear o2 codes and anything else related to that in the calibration.
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