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Thread: 2006 Chrysler SRT Whipple tuning issues

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    Question 2006 Chrysler SRT Whipple tuning issues

    Hi I have two problems that I have been trying to figure out in my tune and dont know what to do.

    I have been doing some VE tuning to get the part throttle fuel trims to where they should be. WOT a/f is right where it needs to be. The original whipple tune had the fuel trims taking out a bunch of fuel so I took some out in the tune and wrote calibration. Then I did the reset adaptives and took it for a data log test drive and it was still negative but closer so I did the same changes but slightly less and it was closer. Then I took it out again and it was even closer to perfect so I just did some tiny alterations here and there thinking it would get me perfect with fuel trims around -2 to -3 all around which I hear is better than being right at 0 or positive. The problem was that when I wrote this new calibration thinking it would get me right where I need to be, all of a sudden the fuel trims were WAYYYYY off. Im talking about plus 10 to plus 15!! All of a sudden the car is thinking its way lean and adding all types of fuel. Even did a short wot run and it was almost a whole point leaner and showed 2-3 degrees of knock so I let off immediately.... Not knowing what could have happened, I went back to the previous tune that was almost perfect and went for a test drive and everything was still wayyyy lean. I dont understand what could have happened how could this be possible?

    The second issue is a little less weird than the first but still puzzling... During medium throttle accelerating situations where the car may see small amounts of boost but not full throttle, when its time for the transmission to shift to the next gear, it does a really hard shift almost feels like someones rear ending you. Definitely cant be good for the transmission. I even tried swapping my stock tcm for a mopar performance one that I had and its the same maybe even worse. The problem doesnt exist at light throttle and full throttle only medium amounts... I tried turning trans torque management in the engine tab (ecm) back on and it might have helped a little but not much. I think it needs some sort of adjustment in the tune for the tcm.

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    As a followup, when I installed the Mopar TCM, I did a datalog and the fuel trims and wot a/f ratio were perfect so I figured Ok great so I'm not sure what happened but it seems good now problem 1 resolved so I moved onto troubleshoot problem 2. This time I decided to make one change at a time so I simply turned the transmission spark torque management on the ECM side back on since for whatever reason I can't read the Mopar tcm. I wrote calibration to ECM only and not to tcm since I wouldn't want to write my old egs52 file onto the egs53 Mopar one. Anyways, with that ONE SINGLE change, all the fuel trims got thrown totally off again and we're back in the red to highly positive numbers. What is going on with this car?

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    Just came across this post on lxforums. A few posts but post #24 specifically. Guy said he installed the Mopar tcm and it pulled fuel out of the tune. This seems like what happened with me besides it also happening on the stock tcm. Someone's gotta know something about what can cause the tune in these cars to just go lean even by not changing any of the air fuel stuff...

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    Post tune file and log
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    SRT8 Whipple Base Tune Fan Mopar TCM(fixed).hptIMG_20200325_221212.jpgIMG_20200325_221226.jpg

    I attached the tune as well as a picture of the mopar pcm i am using.

    I realized what was causing my first issue... there was a VE correction table for IAT temps and it was pulling nearly 5% fuel if the car would be turned off and then restarted a few minutes later because of the temporary heat soak. I basically fixed that table so that doesnt happen anymore.

    For the second problem with the transmission though, I realized after looking over the Mopar TCM file that it was no different than the stock file with the minor exception of some warmup tables which are meaningless for performance. I then looked at the calibration and the os doesnt match the number on the sticker. I bought this unit as basically a "new open box" unit without the original packaging. I think I probably was scammed and sold a Mopar tcm that had been flashed with a stock calibration. The pictures show my unit and the matching serial numbers but the different os or part numbers between the sticker and whats in the computer. would you happen to have the data thats supposed to be in the mopar tcm so that i can fix this? if not ill have to see if i can open a case with paypal and get a refund but i bought it 2 months ago so im not sure if i will or not.

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    Maybe this thread should be moved to transmissions? If anyone can read their Mopar performance tcm and send me the tune or at least screenshots of all the settings so that I can restore mine that would be great