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Thread: starting from scratch, need help

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    Exclamation starting from scratch, need help

    I did the DOD replacement on my 2010 Silverado 5.3 with 6L80e automatic.

    I cant get the software to download on my laptop for starters. Yes, its windows based. Lets start from there, Shall we?
    Ive tried to get someone on the phone at HPTuners with zero luck.

    HELP! I need to drive my truck after all this work, and Im just looking to turn the DOD "OFF" for starters.

    I know you dudes are experienced here, so have patience, Ive been a carburetor dude all my life.
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    I'll be glad to help.
    I'll start by making a few assumptions. Hopefully you bought your HP Tuners MPVI2 and some credits already.
    If so, you'll connect it to your laptop and open the HP Tuners Editor software. You can click on Help and then click MPVI2 Verification Code. It should show you your MPVI2 code.
    Next, click on Help and Resync Interface. It should load the credits that you've purchased.

    At this point, you can connect to the vehicle. Just connect the HP Tuners interface to the OBD2 connector and the other end to your laptop. Turn the vehicle key on, but leave the engine off. Then click the Read Vehicle icon with the green arrow. It'll likely show you three modules to read...the ECM, the TCM and the Fuel Pump Control Module. You will only need to Read Entire on the ECM. Change the other 2 modules to Do Not Read.

    Once it's finished reading the ECM, Save that file as your stock file. You can always have it as a backup.

    If all you need to do is disable DOD, just go to Engine>Fuel>Lean/Fuel-Savings and toggle the Disable button for DOD.

    I also take it an extra step in case some one disconnects the DOD/AFM and Disable the Diagnostic Codes P3400, P3401, P3404, P3406, and P3407. To do that, just click on Engine Diag>DTCs and scroll down to those codes and change them to No Error Reported.

    At this point, Click File and Save AS and save this modified file as a name you can remember.

    With the Key On/Engine Off, you can click the Write Vehicle Icon and it will prompt you to license the vehicle. That applies the credits that you have purchased to obtain this vehicle license. Then click the start button to Write to the vehicle. It won't take but a minute or so for it to complete the write. During this process, just make sure that you have a fresh battery on the vehicle. I also turn off the headlights/radio/heater, etc...

    At that point, you can cycle the key off and start up the vehicle. It'll be good to go.