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Thread: Feature Request: Community Tuning Wiki

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    Feature Request: Community Tuning Wiki

    In addition to forums, Nefmoto has a hugely successful wiki for people to aggregate relevant tuning info ( for Bosch ME7 and ME9. The wiki is extremely useful for beginners because it aggregates a lot of the key information that you learn discussing things with others in the forums.

    As the HPT community continues to grow, I think HPT should set up a wiki associated with this forum where people can begin to share info in a more curated form. For example, I could see "getting started" guide pages associated with each of the tuning forums on here where new tuners can go to figure out what tables they should be modifying first, or what to modify when performing certain hardware upgrades, etc. Relying on search as the only tool will just get harder as the number of threads increases and it can cause us to miss a lot of really good information. As an added benefit, I think a wiki will help boost HPT sales because it will be easier for people to see how they can purchase these tools and instantly get started tuning their vehicle.

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    I agree. The product has been out long enough now that it needs technical info that can be accessed in an online publication without having to weed through the forums. In military systems development we refer this as logistics support, which includes technical publications, not only for using the product but something that explains how it works and can be used for training systems development.

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    From a business perspective, it's much better to wait for someone else to do it than to fund it.
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