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Thread: knock sensor Tip in

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    knock sensor Tip in

    I believe I understand what this term means, it's been a while since I've heard it but it's a slang term without a succinct definition. From my understanding of the term 40+ years ago, "tip in" referred to something that was increasing/decreasing in a logarithmic or non-linear fashion, not binary (on/off). As such, tip in meant when something went from gradual occurrence toward rapid occurrence. Working on knock sensor values, does "tip in" mean initiation...aka on/off vice gradually?

    What is the order of use on the tables contained? It seems like the order is 1) global gain 2) vs rpm vs cyl 3) Tip in. Are these sensitivity scalars added to each other, or are they mutually exclusive? Is there a priority given to rpm or TPS thresholds when both meet the thresholds established in the knock sensor tip values?
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