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Thread: LTFT not giving values

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    LTFT not giving values

    Hi all,

    I'm new in the forum and to HP Tuners and am hoping to get some valuable answers here. I've been coming to the forum for information for some time, however I have not posted anything myself yet. I am currently working on my 2019 Mustang GT with a DI Coyote.

    My current problem is that my VCM Scanner has the channel for LTFT and for STFT, however I only get values of 0 for the LTFT regardless if I view in the channel list or in the layout plotting it vs. load, RPM, or MAF period. It's 0 to the 9th decimal, regardless if I view numbers or percentages. The STFT I get consistent values between -2 to -4% depending on load and RPM.

    Is this normal that this channel doesn't show up in the 2018+ Mustang? Or what am I missing? I am quite sure that I've monitored this value on the same car before, but this was months ago.

    I appreciate the help!
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