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Thread: gen v REP issue

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    gen v REP issue

    hey guys I sure could use some help on this issue I have .heres what ive got its a 2018 l86/8l90e swap it has a btr stage 3 cam and circle d 3600 converter. it has a few issues but my biggest one is that it keeps going in to REP after a decent amount of throttle or if I slow down abruptly it will also go into into REP.
    This my first gen v tune so forgive me if it looks like garbage .would you guys mind looking at the file and seeing if anything stands out.
    thanks in advance
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    Never max out the max torque tables like peak engine torque. This is not like older computers, these are torque based and you can not max these tables out. Put them back to stock. peak torque needs to somewhat match up with actual engine torque when you do data logs.

    It's not a good idea to put the min spark at 15 degrees either. You need the truck to pull timing on the shifts if you want this transmission to survive. There is a reason they let them pull timing down to -5 or -10 to help complete the shifts and save the transmissions.

    If you installed a non VVT camshaft put the camshaft selection to none in the VVT section.

    I don't have a stock file to compare with so I don't know the exact changes you made. You need to be careful with these trucks. The wrong Torque mngt and driver demand changes will put you right into REP.
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