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Thread: ford f150 fuel tank and gauge tuning

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    ford f150 fuel tank and gauge tuning

    put an extended range fuel tank in a 2007 ford f150. it has a whole 9gal more fuel capacity.

    installed the correct fuel pump for that tank as it would have been equipped for 2007.

    filled the tank and the fuel gauge reads only to 3/4 tank. forums tell me i have to bring it to a dealer to have it reflashed for the option since it was an option on the truck at the time

    i know with gm tunes, you can adjust the computer so it knows what the sender should read and what the fuel tank capacity is. i dont see that here.

    any way of getting that enabled? i dont like giving dealers money for stuff that i should be able to do
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    Have you looked at Forscan? I can change things like that with Forscan on my 2015 F150.