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Thread: L61 Standalone harness a possibility?

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    L61 Standalone harness a possibility?

    I am trying to see if this would even be worth attempting. I understand the 05/06 Chevy Cobalt with the 2.2 ecotech has the orphan ECM of the universe. I understand it can be reversed to run with a cable drive throttlebody and a cavi ECM but rules dictate I cannot do that. So as I was reading today I noticed that the Malibu in those same year models was throttle by wire as well with the L61 ecotech and low and behold they are supported by HP tuners. Now all Im looking for is a way to power the engine. This is a dirt track car, I have no need for anything other than what it requires to start and run laps its a 5speed car so I get the Malibu were all automatics but surely there must be a way for it to just power the engine. Im not concerned in the OEM gauges working but that would be a plus as far as fuel level and what not goes. Everything keeps saying the malibu from those years are p08/p11. Can anyone lend some knowledge on this? Does anyone know how you would go about creating a standalone system using the malibu PCM? I dont have the option of aftermarket due to it must remain as OEM appearing as possible.

    Thanks in advance

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    I took an 2nd Gen L61 from an 07 Pontiac G5 (Pursuit / Cobalt) and stuffed it in a Triumph Spitfire with the E37 ECU - works great. No OEM gauges for me, either.

    Not sure which ECU you have / would have?
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    If your going standalone, might as well just put a 2.4 le5 in it and call it a cobalt ss or sport. Sport has a 2.4 and uses a e37. Lots of stock harnesses will work with that.