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Thread: 2015 E92 saying unlicensed vehicle after applying credits

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    2015 E92 saying unlicensed vehicle after applying credits

    I am trying to reflash my 2015 seirra. I read out the ECM and TCM only. When the read was finished I saved the file, made so adjustments and clicked write. I selected write calibration for both ECM and TCM and the window popped up for licensing the units. I had 6 credits on my account and clicked apply. No other error windows popped up so I clicked write and got a message saying unlicensed vehicle. I've flashed many E92s in the last few months and never had this issue.

    Any suggestions?
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    license info.jpg

    Here is a screen showing the credits were applied.

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    please open a support ticket so we can assist you one on one with your issue.
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