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Thread: 5.3 LSA supercharger with LSA 56lb injectors

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    5.3 LSA supercharger with LSA 56lb injectors

    Have P01 pcm red/blue connectors. Currently running 56 lb injectors from a ZL1. All the tables I have found with stock ZL1 injector data are in Pressure delta for injector flow rate. On my hp tuners tuning software the injector flow rate is in KPA. All the online calculators i have used for example show 21.5 psi converts to 148 kpa my table doesn't even go that high and that's the minimum on the FIFR/PSI table for a ZL1. What am I missing. First time using HP tuners but am a novice at tuning. She runs but my injector data is all wrong, I have injector flow rate vs kpa currently set to a flat 25 across the KPA scale on my tune.

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    Try using this.
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