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Thread: Aem wideband 30-0300 help with math parameter on mpvi2 NON PRO

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    Aem wideband 30-0300 help with math parameter on mpvi2 NON PRO

    I have my aem wideband installed and working but will I?m not sure what math to use on the scanner. It is wired to the egr and everything is setup except for the math. My instructions says to use (2.3750*volts)+7.3125..... not sure how to convert it all to work, right now the egr pid is {2811.10}

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    I tried that before and could not figure it out . Now I am on serial and it works perfect .

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    Make sure Channels have the EGR in volts if didn't already.
    In Scanner>Tools>Math Parameters>Maths-User folder>pick 1 to open.
    Name it.
    Write out what you are doing in Notes as a good practice, something like Notes: ([EGR sensor volts] * 2.375) + 7.125 = AFR
    Click New Variable> insert or change and find the EGR volts parameter. Use volts for units. Write the expression like the notes, be aware of the ().

    Check the AEM gauge reading to your Scanner AFR and if it is different, it may need an offset. If AEM reports 13.3 AFR and Scanner chart is 14.1 for instance, just subtract the difference from the (EGR * 2.375) + (change this to correct error) 13.3 AEM is correct, 14.1 is off so subtracting 0.80 from 7.125 = 6.325 will correct it in scanner. I hope that makes sense.
    If it is off, it should be off across the board by the 0.80 in this example, if 12.5 AEM it would be 13.3 in Scanner chart and you need to adjust the Math-User expression. If AEM is higher than the Scanner value then add the difference to that 7.125 in the expression.

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    I dont know if that will help but mine matches with this, a guy I know helped me set it up (he did set it up and I looked) XDvcm egr math.jpg

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    What Did Not Work: ([sensor volts] * 2.375) + 7.125 Did Not Work For Me. I Would Offset The 7.125 To Get It To Read Accurate At 14.7 But When It Would Need To Read Around The Rich Area Of Say 11.5 It Would Read 10.1 On Scanner. What Worked For Me Was This: ([sensor volts] / 0.5) + 9.8 This Made It Read Correct Around 14.7 And The Rich 11.5 Area. From Some Reason The First Math Equation Makes The Wideband Skew Non Linear. You Could Only Make It Match Scan Tool Around Rich OR Lean But Not Both. The ([sensor volts] / 0.5) + 9.8 Will Make It Read Accurate All Across Lean And Rich. Thought This Would Clear Things Up For Some. Been Messing With It For Awhile.

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    Make sure that you zero out all EGR tables if you're going through the EGR on the ECU. I didn't and had a slew of issues.

    Did you check your WB info packet for the math?
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