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Thread: 1998 yukon starting issues

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    1998 yukon starting issues

    I got an oddball readings from the crank sensor current cylinder, unless some math needs applied.

    I got a couple logs and the tune file ill post with it, in case anyone can give me a direction, i verified spark, im not really getting any fuel, im guess that either the timing of the crank/cam is off. And I get popping like the distributor is out of whack. It was my first 10 minutes with the rig, i dont know about how to get it timed right, im looking into it.

    I got a couple of logs from cranking, I can get any data you need, i got meters, its just one of those in between rigs
    ive never really messed with, looks like im not getting any injector pulse.

    the fuel pump works and the relay is coming on, i even turned it on just to make sure.

    thanks in advance
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