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Thread: Warning box.. What does it mean? and How do i get it back?

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    Warning box.. What does it mean? and How do i get it back?

    Im new to HP Tuners and VCM Editor... I'm working on a 2000 silverado 5.3l....
    I went to make a change to the torqe vs rpm table, and received a popup message saying something like "the change you are about to make is out of the range of your data. If you continue you may risk bricking your PCM"... Something like that....
    At the bottom of the box was a little "CheckBox" that says "don't display this warning again"... So i checked it..

    Is this a message that always pops up when you 1st go to tune, or am i really out of the range of my PCM.. I was only looking to set the # to 650ftlbs, which is what ive seen others set it to.. Stock its set to 350ftlbs. Also, a little message at the bottom of the tuning bar windows shows 0-650 as the range anyways...

    Is this warning message just being over protective, and does it normally show up and ppl just disable it like i did?

    It was literally asking me to say "yes or no" to every cell in the table....


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    Max on that setting has always been 640.

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    I avoid these problems by using a number less than the max value, like 600 or whatever.
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