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Thread: Commanded Equivalence Ratio going to Stoich at WOT

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    Commanded Equivalence Ratio going to Stoich at WOT

    like the title says, my Commanded EQ ratio is going to stoich at WOT at and above 5200rpm. I've been trying to fatten up the PR and Airmass tables to combat the issue, but would like to know what is causing the commanded EQ ratio to go to Stoich at WOT.

    Tune and Log attached.... go to 1:32 in the log, you can see the EQ ratio going to Stoich and you can see the fuel trims are being populated as well instead of being at 0 when at WOT.

    WOT threshold is set at ~2.7 volts.

    2012 Challenger, 392 based 426, M6 Transmission with 2.9 Whipple, twin fuel pumps w/return, 3" exhaust with long tube headers.
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    Very likely you are hitting a toque limit. I don't have time to look at the data now, but more than likely you need to work on torque tables or torque limit tables.