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Thread: supercharged c5 z06

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    supercharged c5 z06

    New to HPTuners and trying to get 2002 Z06 supercharged custom built LS2 to run decent enough to get down the street to the dyno. I've attached current tune and log file. When the car the is cold it fires up and idles smoothly. Once it reaches operating temperature 190+ it starts running really rough. Today is a warm day here 95', it ran good in the garage for 5 minutes or so once I pulled it out, got choppy idle, spark timing looked to bounce around then it died on me. Got it to restart and had to press gas to keep it running. I'm guessing there are some other tables or settings that are adjusting either my main VE table or Spark table once the car is warmed up or because it is hot here IAT's are reaching higher temps. Any help is appreciated to point me in the right direction to adjust one of these other tables so that the car will run as smooth as when it is cold.
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    What's your parts list?

    The data log is missing things too. Like injector information, knock retard, cylinder airmass, commanded AFR and a wideband. Remove the 1 bar MAP channel and replace it with the 2 bar MAP channel so you can log kpa over 105.

    PE and BE should be set differently as well. You were well into boost but it was still in closed loop. Lower the BE enable to 110kpa and lower the enable torque to 50% because you disabled the engine side TM.
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