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Thread: 2000 daytona stattama turbo tune

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    2000 daytona stattama turbo tune

    i have a 2000 daytona with intense stg 3 turbo cam ported heads with larger valve. it has a stattama turbo kit on it. it has taken me alot longer than id like to admit to get this car together. last year i had dave at tripple edge build me a awesome trans with gm racing 1 inch chain and a 3000rpm torque converter. he tuned the trans for me to and it shift great but i been dealing with high trans temps, i pull over when they got to 230f.dyno brian did a email tune to get it going and be able to drive it down to him,but id cook the trans if i tried to do than now. the only thing that i can see in the trans is tcc slip on the highway with light throttle change 120+rpm slip. i was wondering if someone could take a look at a log and see if you have any suggestion.i used to have dhp powertuner but never played around with it to much to feel confortable tuning. i now have hptuner hoping that i can get some support since dhp is out of business. thank you for your time
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