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Thread: T42 4t45e e37 lap supercharged torque management killing timing in 3rd gear

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    T42 4t45e e37 lap supercharged torque management killing timing in 3rd gear

    So I have a pretty odd problem, I'll post a file and log today when I get home.

    Me and the tuner are pretty stumped, car is pulling 7-10 degrees of timing in 3rd from the 'trans' under spark and rpm TM pid. It seems I can get full timing if I kill Reduction Duration, but at the same time that causes TM to come on in Neutral making the TB un responsive. So I'm left with a choice, running full 3rd timing or being able to rev in Neutral.. trying to find some middle ground where I can have the cake and eat it too here but not much luck.

    Starting to think I am missing some vital tables in controlling TM on the T42 A4.

    Read a few pages about 4L60/80s losing timing on shifts but this is a little different, under WOT I am losing about half my commanded timing from about 4000 rpm up (in 3rd)

    ... I know I can force timing by setting minimum spark TM but that feels a little greasy
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    This happened to me on my 2009 g5 with the LAP. If I recall correctly I had to turn off the torque management portion for boost and supercharger control. It helped a bit but what helped me was adding an oil cooler for the trans as it was getting a little hot and it would pull timing in 3rd gear. Felt sluggish after shifting into third. Can?t really say it will help you but that was my situation. This was like 3 years ago so memory is a little foggy on what else I did.

    Here?s a link to the thread I created when I was getting the issue. CSSOB?s post was very helpful and I suggest looking at the tables he mentions.
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