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Thread: Swapping 4.3 vortec to GenIII LS while retaining same 0411 PCM

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    Swapping 4.3 vortec to GenIII LS while retaining same 0411 PCM

    Hopefully this is a pretty simple yes/no question (and my apologies if it has been covered multiple times, my attempt at searching came up inconclusive)

    I have a '97 S10. 4.3 RWD with the 5 speed. I purchased an 0411 PCM from a member of the s10 forum which had already been flashed via EFI live to a 2003 s10 4.3 tune.

    I've been working on learning how to tune this 4.3 that I have mounted a stock Syclone/typhoon turbo and manifolds to, just installed an edelbrock 2114 carb intake I converted myself with 42 lb injectors and an early LS throttle body, etc.

    Inevitably like many people that have gone the route I have, I may be interested in a GenIII LS swap.

    Since the type of engine is selectable in my tune file, would I be able to swap to something like an L33 and retain my current PCM without using any additional credits?

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    The engine select drop down in these computers doesn't do anything. You could move it to a 6.0 but the change would do nothing because the base file is still a V6 and the cylinder volume is still set for the V6. Even just changing the cylinder volume won't work either. The base file/operating system must start out as a V8.

    So you can keep the PCM you have but it needs to have a V8 calibration put into it first. Then you can license it and tune away.
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