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Thread: Sierra 2020 6.2 flex?

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    Sierra 2020 6.2 flex?

    I would like infos about sierra 6.2 at4, some are flexfuel, some not, so how to flex it?
    Will i need alky sensors, bigger injectors, pressure regulator...?
    If somebody have a .hpt of this flexfuel gmc, i will appreciate to look it.
    Thanks a lot.

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    I don’t believe any of the L87’s are flex fuel from factory. I could be wrong though.

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    You would need to make sure your ECU is flex compatible, do you have any flex fuel settings in the tune file?

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    The newest ECU designs haven't even had a fuel composition input. On top of that, some of the newest ECUs don't even have flex fuel software logic in them anymore, so this is going to be tricky.

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    I have a tune file from a 19 Denali pickup that has flex fuel enabled. Virtual sensor. Havent messed with converting it to a flex sensor or put any ethanol in it.

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    L87 are not flex fuel and it cannot be turned on in the tune and pinned like previous Gen V E92/E92A vehicles