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Thread: Most current list of OBD-II Interface devices

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    Most current list of OBD-II Interface devices

    It appears that the last update on the OBD-II devices section of the TrackAddict reference page is about 2 years old. Some models even discontinued, or a newer model in it's place, but not verified with the TrackAddict app. Is there a fresh list, or anyone feel like chiming in about a recent purchase (and success) with the OBD-II devices? Looking for iOS compatible. Thanks in advance,


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    The list is up to date, however not much has changed...

    The most reliable OBD option for iOS I've seen is the PLX Kiwi 3, which is noted as our recommendation for iOS. The Kiwi 4 doesn't seem to work, according to user reports, but the 3 is still available and less expensive. The Carista and Veepeak devices cost less and have worked quite well in my experience, but I have had a small number of user reports of issues in the past. All three of these devices use Bluetooth 4 Low Energy and don't require any pairing... Just set TrackAddict's OBD mode to "BLE" and it should find it and connect.

    On Android, apps are far less restricted in what devices they're allowed to communicate with, so most any proper 100% ELM327 compatible Bluetooth device will work. The super inexpensive Chinese "ELM327" clones are a frequent problem source for us and other apps, so those can be a gamble. For a brand name device, I steer people towards the OBDLink LX or MX. Please note that the MX+ is compatible with the Android version of TrackAddict, but we do not have support for it on iOS. If you're looking to do tuning with HP Tuners, our MPVI2 is of course very well supported too, and we're presently working on adding some industry-leading data acquisition features there.