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Thread: Audi/VW Tune Repository (Consolidated)

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    I don't have or didn't save many Simos 8 files, but we can try to get something going again.

    Here's a link of what I have handy saved on my computer. Mainly Simos 18/DQ250 stuff. If you guys want to send me what you have, be happy to upload:

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    awesome work aaronc7, my stage 1 tune hpt files attached below


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    Quote Originally Posted by LsDart View Post
    Iv got a 2016 S7 and I am VERY interested in developing a FLEX e85 tune. Anyone have progress on this? Since I already have HPT for my Turbo LS id love to use it for my Audi as well.
    Did you get this figured out?
    I just got an S7 and trying to get the flex enabled. The DS! tuning uses a flex sensor pinned to the obd port. Although I am not understanding if that system needs the interface to stay plugged into the obd port.