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Thread: 2012 Chevy Sonic 1.8L (My daily MPG beater)

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    2012 Chevy Sonic 1.8L (My daily MPG beater)

    I've got a couple of questions, since I mostly deal with the LS based stuff. I thought about trying to minorly improve on things tune wise with the daily beater. I pulled the file, and noticed something odd.

    Anybody know why the Stoich scale goes from 14.31982 @ 0% to 9.38770 @ 100% alcohol content?

    Why is the high rpm disable on dynamic airflow @ 7000rpm? Limiter is 6750 (it's set up to never run maf only at high rpm, but rather dynamic the entire time)

    Is a 20% desired slip really necessary on the TCC? Thinking of lowering this for efficiency reasons, but I don't want to cause a shudder issue

    I have attached my stock file for review
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