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Thread: LNF needed ECU stock and tuned to 3Bar MAP sensors or advice

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    Lightbulb LNF needed ECU stock and tuned to 3Bar MAP sensors or advice

    I changed in my Cobalt 09 MAP and TMAP to 3bar. Downloaded by KESS my ECU map. Got tuned many things and I want to change on my map using Winols. It will be helpfull if someone share stock map and tuned to 3Bar map sensor (can be from other LNF car). So I can do it on my ECU map. Or give some advice where exactly search.
    Should I change only MAP linearization and max MAP pressure to not have DTC fail? Or made it twice one for MAP sensor and another one for TMAP?
    Spent many hours searching and looking where is my map sensor and do not find. I am not pro in it. Mostly I found infos about VAG cars and tried similar to find.
    I understand you mostly use another software but you know how to tune ECU.
    VCM editor do not open this file. Winols without problem.

    My ECU file.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I need help also getting the 3bar tune in my 09 cobalt ss

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    Just to make sure I understand. You guys want to change the Sensor to 3Bar because you guys purchased the new Stage One Map Sensors correct? If so you will change the MAP Characteristics. Linear sensor to 65.89 kPA and MAP offset to -6.35. Change this as well in the "Supercharger" section even thought you are Turbocharged.

    I hope this helps!