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Thread: FIC1000 injector install PIG RICH on idle GEN 1 coyote

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    FIC1000 injector install PIG RICH on idle GEN 1 coyote

    I do not have a datalog file due to being pig rich on idle (lambda 0.65). I will attach the data I was given from FIC and the tune file with data entered. If someone would take a look at it and give me some feed back.
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    Looks like you entered voltage offset values in micro seconds, but with the unit set to milliseconds. This makes the ECU open the injectors far longer than they need to, creating your extreme rich condition.

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    Injector offset vs ignv is in seconds according to what I'm looking at. Right click go to units and it is set on seconds (s).

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    My point being you entered the data values in the wrong units. Change the units to milliseconds and enter the values as per the data sheet.

    Offset Table.PNG

    Offset Data.PNG

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    voltage offset corrected

    corrected that with correct info. now idling around 0.70 (afr 10.3)
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    You still have 2 cells incorrect.
    Voltage Offset.PNG

    Breakpoint value is also incorrect.

    FIC1000 base revision Corrected.hpt

    Here is your file with the offset table and breakpoint corrected.
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    ok so the breakpoint was in Ib and I noticed you changed it to kg. Will you explain why it is in kg and how that effects it? also what exactly did you change in the voltage offset i noticed there was a small difference when i compared it to my original. Did I miss a decimal place or what? just want to make sure I am aware of it next time. So these should theoretically put me around stoich? Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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    The units can be changed by clicking the green unit label next to the entry field and it will automatically convert the value that is entered. I didn't change it to kg on my end but you can click the unit to convert it back to lb.


    In your voltage offset table I just corrected the values that I pointed out in my last reply that were still incorrect.

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    10-4. the cars cold start idle is still rich but after about 60s of running it hits around stoich. I will slow down and double check my work from now on. Thank you for the help.
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